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Pressure reducing valve and flow control valve maintenance and troubleshooting

Hydraulic wrench is a tool often used in life nowadays, and has become a necessary tool for vehicle maintenance and industrial production with the advantage of "quick and easy". So for some common valve and flow control valve usually maintenance and maintenance and should pay attention to what? The reason for the pressure reducer failure may be due to over pressure or under pressure relief valve. It may also be because of the pressure of instability. These malfunctions may cause inconsistency in valve spool movement or poppet valve instability, which may also result in the mixing of air into the oil. In response to these, we can open the drain back pressure changes the small hole in the center of the spool to check the amount of oil inside. Next, open the tubing of the other control valves and take the air inside. Of particular note here is the pilot valve. Flow control valve failure may result in pressure correction device does not work. This may be due to dust in the spool or the hole in the sleeve caused by dust, in this case as long as the flow of the outlet pressure differential cleaning solution on it. Flow adjustment shaft back to tight. The cause of this condition may be due to dust on the adjustment shaft. Clean up here is very laborious, the general appliance root can not be cleaned there. We can take the measure of quantity so that he will start the six o'clock scale at the second increase in pressure and once he will deconvolve it. In addition to these, the hydraulic wrench should also pay attention to the directional control valve maintenance and repair. Manually found the stem of the oil seal leakage, which may be caused by the seal damage. This situation as long as the cylinder head open, replace the oil seal on it.
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